Papers and Publications:

SIMPs through the axion portal

Evaporating the Milky Way halo and its satellites with inelastic self-interacting dark matter

Constraining a Thin Dark Matter Disk with Gaia

Pulsar timing can constrain primordial black holes in the LIGO mass window

Brute-Force Mapmaking with Compact Interferometers: A MITEoR Northern Sky Map from 128 MHz to 175 MHz

On the Detectability of Light Dark Matter with Superfluid Helium

The Trispectrum in the Effective Field Theory of Large Scale Structure

Non-Gaussian Covariance of the Matter Power Spectrum in the Effective Field Theory of Large Scale Structure

​​Constraints on Individual Supermassive Black Hole Binaries from Pulsar Timing Array Limits on Continuous Gravitational Waves

Self-Scattering for Dark Matter with an Excited State​
MITEoR: A Scalable Interferometer for Precision 21 cm Cosmology
Multifield Inflation after Planck: Isocurvature Modes from Nonminimal Couplings
Mapping our Universe in 3D with MITEoR

The Massive Cosmic Neutrino Background

Applications of Observational Radio Astrophysics

Selected Talks and Presentations:​

LBL/Princeton/IAS/Chicago Seminar Slides

​TeVPA Talk Slides

Caltech HEP Seminar Slides

UC San Diego HET Seminar Slides

Theory Meets Paris Workshop Slides
Caltech TAPIR Seminar Slides
Berkeley Astronomy Lunch Talk Slides
​Berkeley 4D Particle Physics Seminar Talk Slides
AAS 2016 Poster
AAS 2015 Talk Slides
INPAC 2015 Meeting Poster
DOE CTP Funding Talk Slides

Media Coverage:

Quanta Magazine, "Deathblow Dealt to Dark Matter Disks"

Science Magazine, "Is dark matter made of black holes?"

Physics, "Spotting Dark Matter with Supermaterials"

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​NSF Personal Statement
NSF Research Proposal
Hertz Essays
Advice on the Hertz Interview​

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